Juan Millan UX/UI Designer
I do UX/UI to empower people and businesses with technology.


My keen eye for sophisticated aesthetics and deep understanding of human behavior allows me to build products that are beautiful and highly functional. All while keeping business goals in mind. Listen, I’ve been doing this for over 19 years. During that time, I’ve been involved in all the steps in the Project Life Cycle.

As your UX/UI Designer, I’ll start by diving deep into the analytics and User Research. This includes Google Analytics, Heat Maps, User Interviews, and even doing queries directly to databases. I’ll then use statistical data analysis and create data visualization in Excel and Google Data Studio. This in-depth data analysis helps me to presents design solutions in a way stakeholder will understand and confirm the proposed design direction is aligned with business goals.

I have experience as a BA (Business Analyst) and writing the BRD (Business Requirements Document). I’m comfortable working in both waterfall and agile methodologies environments. This means I can take those BRD to build wireframes, user flows, mockups, interactive prototypes, and provide detailed design specs to developers.

But enough about me. What about you?
I’m always looking for the next project that will use technology to make people’s life more productive. I look forward to hearing from you soon and build something amazing.

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Case Studies

Laber's Mobile & Web Apps

A complete UX/UI redesign for mobile and web applications of a hiring platform for the construction industry. I worked directly with the CEO and Marketing Director to gather all requirements and presented proposed UX/UI solutions. The process included User Flow Redesign, Clickable Wireframes, Hi-fidelity Mockups, and Prototype with precise design specs for the app's new identity in Adobe XD.

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Vohra's Online Certification

For the first project at a new job, I was responsible for “doing my magic” to their existing Online Wound Care Certification. Worked closely with the main stakeholder and the backend developer to improve the new user experience and increase revenue generated by their online course. I was responsible for documenting user flows, hi-fi mockups, and front-end coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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The process included stakeholders interview, lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi mockups, and a prototype for a Dashboard redesign for a .NET cloud-based application. I built the prototype using Bootstrap, custom CSS, and some jQuery and JavaScript.

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Goodwill South Florida

This was another custom application built on a .NET environment. My role in the project included stakeholders interview, write the requirements, user flows, mockups and project management. I even did customer support after the initial implementation to see for myself the experience users were having with the new application.

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Ortho Max

For this website redesign, my focus was having a solid information architecture. I built the mockups using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Each section of the homepage was strategically placed to help the company attract more qualified employees and customers.

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